A Veda Credit Rating offers you an independent and regulated Credit Rating Agency’s opinion of a business’ credit worthiness and its ability to meet its financial obligations.

You can commission a public or private Veda Credit Rating report to:

  • Get an independent opinion on your own business and demonstrate your financial strength to the market
  • Get high-level assurance on the ongoing viability of a company with whom you are planning to enter into business 

Veda Credit Ratings

Each rating report scrutinises the breadth of a company’s operations, without disclosing commercially sensitive information to the broader market.

You will receive a summary of a company’s financial profile, credit strengths and key risk factors based on the business’ products, operations, investments, procurement and contracting arrangements.

A Veda Credit Rating gives independent and trusted assurance.

These insights help avoid surprises, informing a clear view of the future for the business and identifying current issues and future risk not otherwise apparent.

The simplicity of a clear-cut rating combined with the thorough analysis takes you beyond just the numbers, giving you confidence to make informed investment decisions.