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SMEs warned: re-think what you own and register on the PPSR

If you are an SME that leases, rents or sells goods under terms, it is important to understand the seemingly daunting new world of PPSR.  These articles have been developed to explain how to make the PPSR work for your business.

Veda's PPSR Solutions can help your business

Veda has developed innovative solutions to help you make the necessary registrations, updates and searches on the PPSR - accurately and quickly.

Through VedaCheck, Veda's integrated online business portal, you can:

  • Search the PPSR to see how you're ranked compared to other competing security interests
  • Speed up the investigation process of all migrated ASIC charge documents
  • Ensure complete coverage by conducting a multi-search on all validated organisational identifiers of an entity including ACN, ABN and comany name
  • Apply filters to reduce the number of registrations in a search result, making your investigation more targeted, manageable and cost effective
  • Bulk download PPSR search certificates and attachments, providing an audit trail of your investigation.

To find out more, read the PPSR introduction guide or contact a Veda PPSR Specialist on
(02) 9278 7997.

About the PPSR

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a single national register where details of security interests in personal property can be registered and searched.

Personal property includes goods, plant and equipment, cars, boats, planes, crops, livestock, art, licenses, shares, accounts receivable, contract rights and intellectual property.

As a business owner, the PPSR can help you:

  • Manage credit risk
  • Check whether property you plan to provide credit against has a security interest over it
  • Register your security interest before providing credit to perfect secured creditor status.

What are others saying

Without Veda we would simply have spent hours tracking through and downloading lots of unnecessary documents at a time-and-cost expense. We started using Veda in a centralised capacity and quickly found that what was taking us more than an hour before, we could now complete in five minutes.
Veda's PPSR products have directly helped us make credit decisions that both minimise our risk and service our customers efficiently. From a risk perspective we rely on quality information to choose which security we lodge, if a security has already been registered, or if we need to look at other forms of guarantees.

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