Alerts (Commercial)

Ongoing economic uncertainty, as well as rising collection costs, means it's more important than ever to monitor your existing accounts and proactively manage risk.
Commercial Alerts is a data monitoring service that sends notifications of changes to your customer portfolio. 
Benefits to you

  • Make effective risk-management decisions by monitoring specific changes to credit files held by Veda
  • Respond to changes in customer circumstances with Veda's regular updates, which draw upon multiple data sources to notify you of changes to your customers
  • Prioritise collection activity with more data available to inform efficient collection strategies
  • Benefit from a user-friendly set-up process - in three simple steps you are ready to receive commercial alerts
  • Choose the amount of information you receive by customising your alert portfolio - helping to streamline internal response and delegation processes
  • Access an expanded debt recovery alerts service, which provides more alert options to assist with the collection of overdue accounts. 

This customisable, easy to use and cost-effective service is ready to help you stay informed of changes to your customers’ situation that could impact upon your business.

Alerts (Consumer)

Veda Individual Alerts allow you to proactively monitor changes on your customers’ credit files that could impact your business. Learn more