VedaScore Apply® (Consumer)

Before you give credit, know the score.

New legislation is fundamentally changing Australia's credit landscape. As a lender, responsible lending laws now require you to make 'reasonable enquiries'  about a consumer's financial situation.

VedaScore is a score or a credit risk ranking tool that helps you to assess a credit application. This is a leading score in Australia for businesses that require a robust risk assessment process to enable growth in market share in the small business segment - while also reducing acquisition costs. 
Veda's access to both personal and commercial data sourced from a broad spectrum of industries and credit providers allows credit managers to access superior scorecards.  VedaScore Apply® makes full-use of all available Veda data, including enquiry and adverse data as well as the new Comprehensive Credit Reporting data.


Benefits to you

VedaScore Apply® can help you to:

  • Increase approval rates and revenue in the small business sector
  • Lower your risk exposure through access to detailed data
  • Reduce acquisition costs through automation
  • Increase consistency in assessment processes 
  • Make the right lending decisions to approve the right customers
  • Request up to 3 scores to facilitate progressive transitioning from existing to new scores.

Veda holds more fit-for-purpose credit data than any other organisation in Australia with information on 16.4 million individuals.

Alerts (Consumer)

Veda Individual Alerts allow you to proactively monitor changes on your customers’ credit files that could impact your business. Learn more