Does your data need a health check?

Data integrity solutions from Veda

Now more than ever, the quality of your data is crucial to the success of your super fund. APRA’s CPG 235 and SuperStream compel funds to improve data integrity.

Veda is well positioned to partner with you in assessing the quality and integrity of your data, and then making the necessary improvements. We have acquired ITM … the Data Specialist and we will continue to offer the trusted services they have become known for, including

Audit your data
How clean is your data? How consistently accurate are your calculations? Veda can run hundreds of checks across your data. You may be surprised at what we identify.

ASFA-Veda Data Benchmark  
APRA recommends funds Benchmark data quality against their peers.  Find out how your member static data fields compare against peers. Together Veda and ASFA are building awareness of the need for improvement in data quality.

Data migrations  
We can help you transfer your valuable data during a system upgrade or change of service provider using  a repeatable and auditable process – which includes extensive data quality checking

Data cleanse 
If you find that your data does need work, we can help you to correct repetitive or high volume errors.

DIY Data Quality by licensing DataSapient
Licensees install the proven software on their premises and have access to all existing data audit tests. This provides an immediate data integrity audit and assurance capability. They get a kick-start in meeting the APRA requirements and, if preferred, they can also develop and customise the tools and tests in a direction of their choice. All clients licensing the tool participate in the ASFA-Veda Data Benchmark on an annual basis.

If you would like to discuss any of these solutions further, please contact Steve Shoreson on 03 8629 1737