Fraud Prevention

Fraud is one of the biggest issues facing businesses today. In 2010, fraud cost Australian and New Zealand organisations $354.4 million. More concerning is that funds weren’t recovered in 61% of major fraud cases.  

The impact of fraud on your business can be disastrous: identity theft, falsified documents and non-disclosure, compromised devices and a costly investigation.

Each year, we identify $1 billion in fraudulent credit applications. Our sophisticated prediction tools help you to flag bad debt, and identify potential fraudulent customers and activity.

Benefits to you

  • Help reduce write-offs from fraud
  • Enjoy ongoing monitoring
  • Help minimise systematic fraud
  • Get access to shared industry data
  • Identify fraud in real-time on credit applications at point-of-sale
  • Integrate our tools with your existing credit-application processes
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Identify fraudulent applications Fraud Solutions
Mitigate fraud in online channels IDMatrix
Identify fraudulent devices Device Intelligence
Screen for PEP and Sanctions PEP and Sanctions screening
Meet compliance requirements

Fraud Solutions