Device Intelligence

People connect to your online business with all kinds of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and notebooks. No matter what the platform, the customer or website vistor's device can present the weakest link in cyber security.

Device identification technologies can help to identify people that are not who they claim to be. Veda's internet fraud service can help you control online fraud abuse and provide protection against malware in real time, providing extra security for your existing fraud management tools. 

Veda's internet fraud service, provided by ThreatMetrix and licensed by Veda to promote in Australia, is a cloud-based, real-time device identification and identity verification solution. It helps to protect businesses against cyber criminals and validate returning customers and prospects.

The service provides patented VPN detection capability, which determines the true nature of hackers who are trying to hide their device identity and location. This assists organisations to stay a step ahead of fraudsters; who are coming up with increasingly creative ways to cover their tracks. 

When combined with screening against a global database of over 60 million known fraudulent devices, you receive a risk profile of a device in real time. This can give you the insight you need to decide whether to proceed, challenge or prevent an online transaction. 

Benefits to you

  • Stop fraud before it happens
  • Defends against attacks
  • No personal data is required
  • Returning computers are verified instantly by the unique characteristics of their computer
  • Returning fraudsters are already flagged.
  • No prior history is required
  • Increase effectiveness of other anti-fraud tools
  • Effective for all three entry points on a website where fraud can occur

Fraud Solutions

Veda’s fraud prevention service provides members with the opportunity to increase their fraud surveillance, help improve detection rates, and share fraud data and intelligence with industry peers by becoming part of an Australia-wide virtual-fraud detection network. Learn more