PEP and Sanctions screening

If you are covered by the  Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act), it requires you to verify the identity of individuals you deal with in your business. This covers the financial, gambling and bullion dealing industries, as well as any other professionals or businesses that provide particular 'designated services'.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Sanctions Screening mitigate regulatory and reputational risk by giving you intelligence you can act on. Veda provides access to PEP and Sanctions Screening lists through our trusted partner, Accuity, enabling you to screen a person's identity against worldwide government issued data - so you can identify politically exposed persons, terrorists, criminals or sanctioned organisations and countries.

By combining our accurate data with flexible and scalable filtering and matching solutions, our customers can reduce risk, increase operational efficiency and lower the cost of AML compliance.

Benefits to you

  • The industry's most comprehensive data with 100% coverage of regulatory lists from around the world
  • Records include industry standard identifiers for enriched matching capabilities
  • Access to the largest PEP database in the world through Accuity covering over 240 countries and territories
  • The ability to identify which categories are high-risk for your specific operations, reducing false positives and help you save time and money
  • An advanced token-based matching approach delivering predictable matching and enabling accurate and fast processing
  • The ability to tailor your screening to suit your own risk appetite and further reduce false positives.

Veda's PEP and Sanctions Screening service, provided by Accuity and WorldCompliance, is a comprehensive solution enabling you to centralise and manage your organisation's screening against best-in-class data. PEP and Sanctions Screening helps you quickly identify a variety of high risk entities posing economic and reputational risk to your organisation.