Land Titles

Searching for property information can be a time-consuming and difficult exercise – use Veda’s online system VedaCheck, which centralises your property searches for maximum efficiency.
Veda’s Property Search enables users to order required property information from the relevant Land Titles office via a centralised portal, VedaCheck. 
VedaCheck customers also benefit from fast access to related information that may be required for due diligence and verification processes. This streamlined offering allows users to retrieve property information with just a few clicks – no matter what state the information is registered in and what details you have to perform the search.

Benefits to you

  • Access a national Land Titles data base in one online location
  • Confirm the current owner and the property’s current mortgage status
  • Get a description of the property’s security interest
  • Search for current registration details of lodged documents
  • View real-time updates and access previous searches with just one payment
  • Conduct related searches to view caveats, instruments, dealings, plans and historical searches

Property Valuation Solution

Veda has partnered with RP Data, Australia’s leading property data analytics provider, to bring you Veda Property Valuation Solution, which provides real-time insights into the current estimated market value of any residential property; helping to reduce the inherent risk associated with lending against real property. Learn more