National Tenancy Database

Bad tenants can be a real problem - not paying rent on time or leaving properties in a mess. Often details on an application form aren't enough to make an informed decision on whether or not the applicant will be a good tenant.The National Tenancy Database (NTD) is one of the leading authorities on tenancy information in Australia. It's role is to provide historical tenancy information on individuals and companies who lease residential and commercial properties. NTD provides a variety of services for your tenancy queries including:

  • Tenant Check – provides details of tenancy history held on the database
  • Individual Public Record Search – provides details of bankruptcies, court orders or judgements on individuals
  • Identity Verification – checks details against known data sources
  • Visa Verification – confirms a valid visa for the period of a lease for international lessees
  • Business or Company Search – provides details on the credit history of a business or company
  • ASIC Search – provides incorporation detail and confirmation of directorship

Benefits to you

  • One of the largest and most highly endorsed tenancy databases in Australia
  • Helps verify applicants’ identities to reduce the risk of fraud
  • Meet your due diligence obligations to conduct tenant searches
  • Produce tenant reports when taking court action against tenants

Tenancy Check

Make sure you’re letting your property to the right people. Help protect your investment property and avoid potential financial loss by getting a TenancyCheck on your applicants. If you’re letting out a property privately the last thing you want is to have the property damaged or have rent unpaid. Learn more