Corporate Scorecard

Partnering with Corporate Scorecard (CS) means you will benefit from over 20 years experience of providing expertise in commercial, financial and risk advisory services.

Specialising in financial viability assessments, credit ratings, and industry benchmarking, CS has a core competency in undertaking assessments on entities being considered for procurement contracts, major infrastructure projects, grant applications and credit accounts.

Over the past 24 years, CS has been involved with countless infrastructure and strategic procurement projects, and is the leading provider of Financial Viability Assessment services to all levels of government - by having the broadest possible product range to assess tender, procurement and contract risk.

Its strong management team is backed up by a unique team of chartered accountants and financial analysts who are committed to helping clients see the complete picture so they can make the right decision when it comes to eliminating risk.

Why Corporate Scorecard? 

With the growing uncertainty around global economic conditions, organisations need to take extra precautions to safeguard themselves against risk. CS is able to provide a range of services - extending from online ABN verification, ASIC and property searches, to credit rating reports and forensic accounting services.  CS is only mainstream provider of Australian Business information with an ASIC license to provide independent credit ratings.

All services are either available online or can be ordered online, and are supported by a leading-edge transaction and order management platform.

With 20 years experience and a proven track record, CS provides significant benefits.

  • Reliable. Reports are provided in a fast, dependable turnaround time that you can trust and rely on, and are clear, concise and easy to understand. We keep in constant communication throughout the process and our highly experienced analysts are effective at achieving access to an entity’s full financial reports and management accounts ensuring your decisions are based on hard data (well over 95% effectiveness). 
  • Integrity. Commitment to client service and delivery is reinforced by our powerful financial diagnostic and rating system that ensures consistency and accuracy. Plus, our comprehensive benchmarking database comprising of over 70,000 financial years of data enables you to draw industry comparisons that are current and relative to an entity’s peers.
  • Scalable. We can scale our reports up or down to match the value of your decision or suit your specific requirements. Our scalability provides an affordable, value for money solution for basic reports to high-end detailed comprehensive reports. Our secure website provides you with easy online access, enabling you to chose the right report for your decision.
  • Independent.  We are Australia's leading independent provider of quality financial assessments and credit ratings. As the majority of our corporate credit ratings are obtained by clients on a non-issuer basis, we have limited the potential 'conflict of interests' faced by other rating agencies. While Corporate Scorecard can provide issuer-based ratings, these engagements adhere to strict governance protocols to ensure the quality and integrity of the rating assessment process.