Credit Rating

Credit ratings provide an Agency's opinion as to the capacity, viability and willingness of an entity, issuer, or counterparty to meet their respective financial commitments. As such, Veda Corporate Ratings assign credit ratings based on the credit worthiness of an entity, commitment or product, and provides probabilistic assessments of default over the short, medium and long-term.
Credit ratings are a critical measure used extensively in commercial, financial and capital markets to support key business decisions. Veda Corporate Ratings are used to support debt and bonding decisions, loan origination and recovery, insurance and warranty, funds management, portfolio management, tendering and procurement, counterparty risk assessments and other commercial contracts.
Veda Corporate Ratings provide credit ratings on government and commercial agencies, international conglomerates, infrastructure consortia, financial institutions, publicly listed entities, private corporations and small-to-medium sized enterprises across a range of industry sectors both domestically and internationally. As such, Veda Corporate Ratings is also able to provide detailed industry intelligence, benchmarking reports and analysis across a wide range of sectors.