Industry Benchmarking

As a leading provider of counterparty risk intelligence, Veda Corporate Ratings specialise in the broader mid-market sector, and are uniquely positioned to provide deep insight into industry trends and benchmarks.
Our benchmarking reports provide evidence-based analysis which is compiled by highly skilled accountants and ratings professionals, using deep data sources of private sector financials in order to provide rich insights and reliable intelligence. Our clients use these reports to further develop their knowledge on industry performance, capacity, risk sensitivities and emerging trends. They are provided to assess broad industry developments together with specific peer comparisons to assist in critical decisions.
The reports provide a comprehensive suite of financial metrics for the selected sector, together with a detailed line-by-line analysis of income statement and balance sheet items over time. These reports can be provided an any specified industry sector, including Agribusiness, Capital Goods, Commercial Services & Supplies, Construction, Defence, Energy, Materials, Metals & Mining, Utilities, and many others.