Our Commitment

We are committed in delivering Credit Rating Reports that provide:

  1. Confidence by obtaining a forward-looking and early warning independent risk assessment.
  2. A true picture after translating financial statements and adjusting for accounting distortions.
  3. Reliability from investigating beyond numbers to identify risk that is not otherwise apparent.
  4. The right recommendations based on the commercial context and key economic dependencies.
  5. Dependable advice by scrutinising the financial capacity, operational stability, and key risk sensitivities.
  6. Evidence-based data to facilitate debriefing with industry benchmarks and detailed written commentary.
  7. Advice that stands up to scrutiny, prepared by highly experienced and qualified Chartered Accountants.
  8. An authoritative opinion from a trusted adviser, with an AFS License to provide credit ratings in Australia.

Please refer to Veda Corporate Ratings “Rating Services Guide” for more detailed information on the approach, methodology and credit rating assessments relating to an entity's credit quality and/or its capacity to honour contractual commitments.