Rating Annotations

A Veda Corporate Rating may be assigned additional clarification markers (annotations) to qualify the credit risk assessment as outlined below:
Conditional Rating (#)
A Conditional Rating is used where Veda has rated an entity on the basis of significant risk factors and/or rating qualifications, with recommendations providing one or more conditions precedent and/or mitigation action(s) to reduce identified uncertainty and risk.
Provisional Rating (*)
A Provisional Rating is used when the most recent full-year financial figures are draft or are deemed out-of-date, and forecasts have not been provided by the rated entity. Entities with a provisional rating should be re-evaluated as soon as updated financial statements become available.
Indicative Rating (^)
An Indicative Rating is used where Veda is engaged to conduct preliminary analysis only, and as such an official rating assignment would require a more detailed and comprehensive investigation and due diligence assessment prior to the provision of our professional opinion.