Risk Assessment Tools

Veda can also provide clients with an online financial and risk assessment platform to internally analyse financial statements and non-financial data, supporting analytical teams with automated risk scoring analytics to derive quantitatively driven credit ratings on borrowers, customers, suppliers, and other counterparties.
The platform is a leading online tool founded on the quality and integrity of a credit rating assessment process. The system provides a series of advanced decision analytics to automate and fast-track the assessment process quickly, easily and reliably. It is delivered through a centralised web-based system that provides immediate and secure access, with the capacity to leverage public databases, trade and adverse information to provide an early warning of financial distress.
The system has been designed to integrate financial and non-financial analysis, and requires only minimal data to calculate risk scores and sensitivities. The platform can be integrated with existing systems to streamline the work-flow process and provide an efficient delivery of highly credible and reliable ratings. The company’s rating algorithms utilise scientifically based and empirically derived risk models to objectively evaluate the financial fundamentals. These analytics leverage large databases to provide invaluable evidence-based data, information and high integrity financial risk analysis.
This infrastructure serves to support an ongoing risk monitoring regime, and can help finance, insurance, investment, credit, procurement or risk analysts in the assessment and management of risk.