Veda Credit Ratings

Veda Credit Ratings is an Australian Credit Rating Agency that specialises in providing corporate credit ratings and counterparty risk intelligence.
Following Veda’s acquisition of Corporate Scorecard [AFSL #341391], Veda Credit Ratings has grown to become the leading Australian Credit Rating Agency specialising in the corporate and broader mid-market.
Corporate Scorecard was incorporated in 1948, and has a long and rich history of providing ratings intelligence and industry insights across a wide range of sectors. Together with Veda’s rich data assets, Veda Credit Ratings has the localised market knowledge, professional credentials and ratings expertise to provide critical information to support key business decisions.
As a leading provider of credit ratings on mid-market corporates to support critical business decisions across the finance, insurance, corporate and public sectors (including project and infrastructure finance), corporates are increasingly using Veda’s issuer-based ratings to strengthen market perceptions and to support funding and finance activities.
Our team of highly qualified Chartered Accountants and Ratings Professionals have the analytical expertise and forensic skills to provide a forward-looking ratings opinion, supported by in-depth, evidence-based commentary. With more than 100,000 financial statements and one of the country’s largest databases of comparable private financial statement data, Veda Credit Ratings is uniquely positioned to provide invaluable sector intelligence.
Whether you are looking for an issuer or counterparty rating, and/or a public or private assessment, Veda Credit Ratings provides highly credible, comprehensive and authoritative reports that stand up to public and political scrutiny. For more information, please contact one of our Ratings Specialists who would be happy to assist.