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Now available in Australia exclusively through Veda

At Veda, we have identified that our customers face time and cost challenges in verifying income and expenditure when assessing lending applications. That is why Veda has partnered with Mogo, as the exclusive vendor of their income and expenditure verification tool – MOGObankconnect.

MOGObankconnect provides your customers with the facility to simply and securely package up their online banking transactional data, via a single use digital app. Customers do not need to disclose any online logins, and their credentials are never handled by any third party server. The data is processed on the customer’s device, encrypted and transmitted to you to allow instant decisions to be made.

Why implement MOGObankconnect?

The benefits to your organisation include:

  • Save time on income verification – Verification occurs at point of application with no manual processing
  • Improve the customer experience – Streamlined application process that is easier and faster
  • Reduce manual handling costs – Mogobankconnect cuts out manual handling
  • Improve Credit Decisions – The additional data provided can augment credit policies translating into increased acceptance rates, as well as, reduced bad debts
  • Combat Fraud – Reduce the risk of tampering by removing the reliance on paper documentation

To find out more about MOGObankconnect speak to your Veda Account Manager today.