With leading-edge technology and a reputation for delivering outstanding customer and candidate service, Verify assists organisations of every size to confirm their candidates are who they say they are - and that they have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to perform the job.

Verify can complement the checks already undertaken by a company or provide a comprehensive verification solution extending from basic identity, criminal, qualification, credit, reference and licence checks; through to on-line psychometric assessment and pre-employment medicals. Our range of over 100 checks includes:

  • Identity checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Qualification and registration checks
  • Performance history checks
  • Licence checks
  • Financial background checks
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Pre-employment medical assessments
  • Medical assessments

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Benefits to you

  • Most extensive service range – the range of services now numbers over 75, the broadest in the industry today.  You can access a single check or tailor verification packages for different roles to meet specific needs across your business.
  • Online candidate consent – online candidate consent (even from your mobile phone) for 98% of our services means faster response and quicker turnaround times.
  • Fast turnaround times – state-of-the-art online technology which provides direct online access to the databases of key 3rd party information providers. 
  • Total Confidentiality and Privacy Assured –fully compliant with the National Privacy Principles and Australian Standard 4811:2006 - employment screening, and were a finalist in the Australian Privacy Awards.
  • RCSA Supporter – partnering the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association in providing background verification services to the Australian recruitment industry

Verify Consultancy Service

Verify can also assist in developing and implementing a leading-edge candidate verification solution to help you meet your organisation's compliance needs and mitigate risk. Our range of consultancy services include:

  • Process development - Determine how and where background verification fits in the recruitment and onboarding process.
  • Staff and candidate communication - Develop staff and candidate communications in line with your verification processes, privacy obligations,brand values and industry best practice.
  • Verification check recommendations - Provide recommendations of best practice background verification checks based on commonly recruited positions.
  • In-depth role evaluation - Build a ‘check package’ for each position, based upon the specific risks identified.


Veda’s IDMatrix™ is an advanced electronic verification service that not only verifies customers’ identities, but can also include a thorough fraud assessment in just a few seconds. Learn more