Commercial Credit Risk

Veda's Commercial Credit Risk Reports
Access to Commercial Credit Risk reports is now instant and easy using Vedacheck. Veda's Commercial Credit Risk reports are designed to give you the level and depth of information you need for a specific credit risk assessment, using up-to-date and ready-to-access information.
Getting instant reports on VedaCheck
Veda’s Trading History report pulls together the most detailed collection of commercial and consumer credit data available on the organisations and people you do business with.
Trading History reports include information about the entity, the people behind the business, and their interests in other organisations to give you an instant and comprehensive credit report, without financial information.

  • Get instant reports with information about an entity and the people behind it.
  • Get a comprehensive score that combines the on-file information Veda has about the entity and its directors.

Veda’s Trading History report provides credit information when you need to make quick and thorough credit assessment decisions, without having to wait for individually compiled assessments.  
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Managing Existing Customers
Veda’s Commercial Alerts is a data monitoring service that sends notifications of changes to your customer portfolio. Alerts allow you to proactively monitor changes to your customers’ credit files, and identify key changes which could potentially impact the credit decisions you make and the collections efforts directed to specific customers.
Alerts can help you:

  • Make effective risk-management decisions by monitoring specific changes to credit files held by Veda
  • Respond to changes in customer circumstances with Veda’s regular updates, which draw upon multiple data sources to notify you of changes to your customers
  • Prioritise collection activity with more data available to inform efficient collection strategies

Setting up alerts can be done simply in three simple steps, either through a batch upload of all of your customers, or individually or for selected customers. The amount of information you receive can be customised to your alert portfolio, helping to streamline internal response and delegation processes.  
International Reports
In partnership with GlobalCIS, Veda provides access to a comprehensive database of international reports totalling more than 65 million companies and a one-stop global network of experienced credit investigators.

  • Cost-effectively perform due diligence on international prospect customers, suppliers, distributors, agents and licensees
  • Analyse competitors
  • Uniformity of international credit reporting covering 230 countries - Contents, terminology, methodology, credit scoring and risk analysis
  • Uniformity in prices - Same prices worldwide, regardless of the country
  • Uniformity in delivery of freshly investigated reports - Average of 5 working days delivery time
  • Helps to reduce exposure to bad debt

International Reports can be easily accessed through your Vedacheck login.
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Debtor IQ
Combining past payment behaviour with other commercial credit information from Veda's bureau, Debtor IQ gives you a comprehensive view of the credit risk across your entire portfolio, including a weekly risk score for your accounts indicating the probability of a credit adverse event occurring in the next 12 months, quick links to target High Risk, Collectible or Performing accounts as well as Industry payment comparisons. This insight helps you to act quickly to help lower your overall exposure to risk.

  • Reduce bad debt across your commercial customer portfolio
  • Improve cash flow & profitability by effectively managing your credit terms
  • Reduce costs associated with debt recovery and collections
  • Manage your credit risk and get a clearer picture on your customers
  • Target customers who are spending more and paying faster\
  • Improve your customer data quality to help you manage your customer information

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Lodging defaults encourages your customers to pay their outstanding payments and can help you in your collections efforts.
Defaults can be lodged via Vedacheck. Click here to log in.
For more information about these products or other Veda Commercial Credit Risk reports, contact your Veda account manager or our Subscriber Assist team on 1300 921 621.