Directors Adverse

See up to four times more adverse than your current credit reports show
Understanding the risk associated with a commercial entity involves more than simply running a check on the Company. The reality is that people run businesses, and may have other commercial interests that can impact the other businesses they are involved in. Not having insight into the people behind the business can be costly.
The credit information that Veda holds about the directors/proprietors behind the business and their other business interests can help tell a more complete story about the risks of doing business with a company/business, as shown below:

Veda’s Trading History reports go deeper than a basic credit check to reveal information about the people behind the business, and has been seen to reveal up to FOUR TIMES more adverse than reports showing only the credit information of the Company/Business, as shown in the diagram below:

Credit decisions made without using all of the information available about a commercial entity and the people behind it may not be complete, and may leave you exposed.
Get more information in one concise and easy to read report with Veda's Trading History reports:

  • Get the full picture with information about an entity and the people behind it and make more informed decisions
  • Get a more complete score that combines the information Veda has about the entity and its directors
  • Save time with one report to access information you would normally need to run multiple reports to receive.

Choose Trading History Reports for faster assessments and more information
Choosing Trading History reports ensures you get all the information available on the entity and the people behind it that Veda holds.
Simply select either the In-Depth Trading History or the Company/Business Trading History report at the time of your search, and use the tabs within the report to access all of the available information from one place, as shown below:

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