Investigative Reports

Financial information for high-exposure credit risk decisions.
The acquisition of Corporate Scorecard (CSC) now allows Veda to offer you strong analytical capabilities with our rich and powerful databases. We will be able to offer you more comprehensive and detailed financial assessments for your credit and procurement decisions that include:

  • A wide range of credit and procurement reports to meet your needs based on exposure and potential risk;
  • Access to highly qualified analyst based recommendations;
  • Advanced risk scoring methodology based on comprehensive financials and  database allowing for industry comparisons; and
  • Clear layout and easy to read format reports.

Investigative Reports are designed for assessing the credit risk of large contracts or high-exposure credit risk decisions, by providing a thorough and in-depth investigation of an organisation. Completed by a qualified financial analyst, Investigative Reports include:
Key information available in Investigative Reports that is not available in other Veda Commercial Credit Risk reports is outlined in the table below.

Sample Reports
Concise Financial Assessment: Click here to view a sample report
Detailed Financial Assessment: Click here to view a sample report
How to access Investigative Reports 
Investigative Reports are now available in Vedacheck, and appear in your menu on the left hand side of the Vedacheck screen, as shown below. 
Once you have selected Investigative Reports from the menu, you will be presented with a number of options; for a full report, including a Property Summary and Property Equity, you should select the Detailed Financial Assessment – Credit, as highlighted below:

N.B. If the Investigative Report option does not appear in your menu on the left hand side of the Vedacheck screen, please call the Subscriber Assist team to have this enabled in your settings on 1300 921 621.
Log onto Vedacheck now to start accessing full financial investigations to support your high-risk credit decisions.