Securing your credit risk

Securing your credit risk with PPSR data
The PPSR provides Australian businesses with significant efficiencies in asset and risk management. By accessing PPSR information in Veda's Commercial Credit Risk reports, businesses have the ability to:
1.      Gain a more accurate picture of registrations held against entities.
2.      Minimise loss of an asset and ensure that their interest is protected.
3.      Search for other secured suppliers to help make credit risk decisions 
If you are making credit risk decisions and not using PPSR information, your exposure to credit risk may be increased. 
Access PPSR data now in just 2 clicks
PPSR information has been enabled in your user settings. To access this useful information in your Commercial Credit Risk reports, simply:
1. Select the option to add PPSR data to your report (see how below): 

2. Accept the terms and conditions when you are prompted (see how below): 

To get started, click here for access to Vedacheck.