Data Express



                                                                                                DataExpress is now closed.


                                           We’d like to thank you for your loyalty over the years, however, as part of our review of our systems and processes arising from amendments

                                           to the Privacy Act 1988, we have decommissioned Data Express and replaced it with separate collections and marketing portals which we

                                           believe will better service your needs. These are:


                                           Collector Insight – An easy to use online service built from the ground up for collections customers

                                           Inivio Online – Built by marketers, for marketers, a self-service marketing platform offering improved Address Cleansing (Contact Validation)

                                           and Data Enhancement (Audience Enhancement) services.


                                           The levels and types of services offered by each platform differs, so please review which one best suits your needs.


                                                                       > Click here to visit Collector Insight                                                                      > Click here to visit Inivio Online



                                           Thanks for your continued support,

                                           The team at Veda & Inivio