Benefits for Consumers

Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) empowers consumers to get better deals when negotiating with lenders. Veda believes that CCR data will lead to lower barriers to entry for competition, drive differentiated offers in the market, and extend the choices available for consumers. For those that have demonstrated good credit behaviour, CCR will enable consumers to be rewarded with better offers and better access to credit.

If you're a consumer and want to know more, we've got lots of information around how comprehensive credit reporting could effect you including:

  • What changes does comprehensive credit reporting bring?
  • What are the benefits of comprehensive credit reporting to consumers?
  • How does comprehensive credit reporting impact me?
  • How will comprehensive credit reporting impact my VedaScore?
  • Case Studies
  • Tips - What can I do?
  • Common questions
  • Protecting your privacy

Utilise one of our resources below to find out more about your credit profile: