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Buying a used car? Save yourself the hassle and cost of buying a lemon with a CarHistory report is Australia’s first online automotive bureau. We provide Australia's most comprehensive report on the history of a used vehicle  - to make it easier and safer for you to buy a used car.

With, you can receive PPSR and odometer information, written off/stolen checks and price comparisons.

The CarHistory report includes:

  • PPSR information (formerly REVs) – this outlines any finance owing on the vehicle from a previous owner
  • Vehicle details - background vehicle information
  • Written off status –whether the vehicle has been listed as a write-off or a repairable write-off
  • Stolen vehicle status – this contains stolen listings against the vehicle
  • Known odometer readings – to help you identify if the odometer may have been wound back
  • Current car valuation – to help you get the best price

Many car dealers also use CarHistory reports, so look out for the green tick!

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First car disaster
“We got a report after we bought a car for my 23-year old daughter. The seller we bought it from told us it was a 2-owner car. The 1997 Toyota Starlet had 130,000km on it."

“Something just didn't sit right once we started really looking at the car. Turns out it was originally from QLD, written-off in Sydney in 2003. I took it to my mechanic to have the brakes looked at and told him I thought the back brakes weren't good. The car needed a whole new back brake system. They were actually illegal.  It cost my daughter a total of $800.”

“Had we done the [CarHistory] report before we bought the car, we may not have bought it, but the seller rushed us along a bit, seeing our need for a car. Given our time again, it would have been different.”

Undisclosed repairable write-off #1
“We decided to sell my beloved dream car - a Volkswagen Golf - as we have upgraded to a larger car. Upon accepting an offer to purchase my car privately we were shocked to find out from the potential buyer the car had actually been involved in a collision in Victoria. A repaired write off which was never disclosed to us by the car yard that we purchased the car from in March 2008. Overall the end result for us is that we have lost the buyer and had to drop the price of the car drastically to try and sell what we thought was a good reliable car”

What are others saying

Best $32.95 I ever spent… Just goes to show that doing a history check is vital if you don't want to end up with a lemon.
CarHistory saved me not only the cost of a mechanic's check, but also throwing money at a worthless car!
I'm so glad I checked it out with - it saved me from spending a whole lot of money on a lemon!

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