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A yearly snapshot of your credit history

Veda Starter includes an updated VedaScore and a copy of your Credit File, giving you a snapshot of your credit history so you can start to take more control of your credit rating.

Your Credit File is a record of some of your experiences with credit, including previous credit applications, loans and overdue debts. Your file is summarised using a number, called a VedaScore, which is used by many lenders as part of the credit assessment process.

In simple terms, the higher the score, the better your credit profile. If you’re interested about what’s on your credit profile, the Veda Starter package may be right for you.

So, what do you get with Veda Starter?

  • 1 x credit report per year
  • 1 x VedaScore update per year
  • Online membership
  • Resolution Centre
  • Knowledge Area


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