Tenancy Check

Make sure you’re letting your property to the right people If you’re letting out a property privately the last thing you want is to have the property damaged or have rent unpaid. Help protect your investment property and avoid potential financial loss by getting a TenancyCheck on your applicants. A TenancyCheck report can include information on:

  • Past Tenant History
  • Court Writs, Judgments and Summonses
  • Tenant Evictions and Terminations
  • Directorship or Proprietorship information
  • Irregular Rent Payment History
  • Bankruptcy Notices
  • Recommended tenants by other agents
  • Tenant checks conducted by other agents and property managers
  • Tenants previously or currently renting with another agency
  • Broken conditions of lease (monetary and non-monetary)
  • Unpaid residential tenancy tribunal or court orders as reported by agents
  • Vacated tenants owing money for rent arrears, damages, cleaning and rubbish removal
  • Tenants that have abandoned a property without notice
  • Tenants that have been issued a termination order as a result of objectionable behaviour or breaches of lease.

Visit TenancyCheck.com.au for more information.

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