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Knowing where you stand is one of the most important elements to staying financially savvy. Just as a weekly budget helps you pay bills, meet mortgage payments or reach your savings goal, being aware of what’s on your Credit File can help make you more attractive to lenders such as banks and credit card providers.

Your Credit File is a record of some of your experiences with credit, including applications,  overdue debts and lenders with whom you currently have a credit relationship. It is summarised using a number, called a VedaScore, which is often used by lenders as part of the credit-assessment process. In simple terms, the higher the score, the better your credit profile.

Know where you stand
Whether you are looking to switch internet or phone service providers, apply for a mortgage or make a large credit purchase such as an overseas holiday, our credit and identity protection tools allow you to track your VedaScore over time, so you can work to improve your score if you need to.

We also understand that more credit transactions are occurring online than ever before. And with more than one in five Australians experiencing some form of identity theft (source: Veda Australian Debt Study March 2012), we have developed a range of tools to protect your biggest asset – your identity.

Protect your identity
With Veda, you can receive Credit Alerts when certain changes are made to your Credit File. Or you can choose to be notified via Identity Watch alerts if certain details may have been compromised online. If you do become the victim of identity theft, our Your Credit and Identity Guard can help you to manage the cost of restoring your identity and reduce associated impact and risk.

As Australia’s leading credit bureau, we are proud to be trusted with credit information on over 16 million individuals, 1.9 million companies and 1.7 million business names – more than any other organisation in Australia. We take this responsibility very seriously, and have a number of security measures in place as part of taking reasonable steps to protect the credit data we hold..

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