Veda Access

  • 2 x credit reports per year
  • VedaScore updated monthly
  • Score Tracker
  • Credit alerts
  • Online membership
  • Resolution Centre
  • Knowledge Area

Veda Access provides you with the long-term support you need to help protect your credit file and identity.

In addition to ongoing access to your Credit File, you’ll receive an updated VedaScore each month with a built-in Score Tracker tool – this handy tool tracks any changes to your score over time. It’s useful if you’re looking to improve your credit profile, or if you’re planning a big purchase in the future – such as new furniture, a car, or even a house.

For an extra boost of confidence, the Veda Access package includes a Credit Alert service, which lets you know if there are certain changes made to your Credit File, such as someone trying to apply for credit in your name. This is an example of identity theft, and often people only realise they’ve been a victim of identity theft when they’re declined for credit based on non-payment of a loan they never knew they had! Veda Credit Alerts can help to protect your VedaScore – before any damage is done.

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—  How the Veda Access Dashboard works  —

So, what do you get with Veda Access? And what exactly does the Veda Access dashboard do for you? Use the interactive guide below to find out.

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