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  • 2 x credit reports per year
  • 2 x VedaScore updates per year
  • Credit alerts
  • Identity Watch (cyber monitoring)
  • Your Credit and Identity Guard
  • Online membership
  • Resolution Centre
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Did you know that two in five Australians would not know if their identity had been stolen?*

And that more than one in five Australians have experienced some form of identity theft? (source: Veda Australian Debt Study March 2012) If you want to stay one step ahead of identity theft, you can help to protect your identity with Veda ID.

While your bank or credit card company may do a great job of letting you know when your credit card has been used in a fraudulent transaction (such as the Falcon system), banks and other credit providers do not actively search for evidence that your credit card number or other personal details such as your email address have been compromised prior to any fraudulent activity occurring.

Veda ID helps to protect your VedaScore by sending you Credit Alerts when certain changes are made to your file – changes that may otherwise have been made without your knowledge.

Identity Watch is another online tool within Veda ID that monitors criminal trading and selling of information such as phone numbers, email addresses and credit card numbers online. You’ll receive an alert if we discover your details are compromised, so you can proactively protect your identity.  You could cancel your credit card before any fraud starts to occur in your name.  This may save you time and hassel of disputing charges with a bank or credit provider.  If your email address has been compromised you could change your password on all your accounts using that email address.

If you become a victim of identity fraud, Veda ID’s Your Credit and Identity Guard may help you with the cost of restoring your identity and reducing the impact and risk associated with loss and theft, giving you more peace of mind.

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(*source: Secure Sentinel Research September 2012)

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