Protecting your identity now protects your credit future —

More than one in five Australians have experienced some form of identity crime (source: Veda Australian Debt Study March 2012). Identity theft can happen in many ways - from someone else using your credit card details to make purchases, or even using your name to open bank accounts or take out loans. The reality is that identity theft can be a stressful, time-consuming and costly experience that many people don’t realise has occurred until it’s too late.


— What’s identity theft? —

You’ve probably heard of someone’s identity being stolen but what exactly is it and how can it affect you? Read on and find out.


— Protect your identity —

It only takes a moment for your identity to be stolen but you can be a step ahead and help protect yourself against fraud by keeping a close eye on all your credit file.


— Restore your identity —

If your identity has been compromised, through insurance, we can help you reduce the cost involved in getting it back.


— Flag identity theft —

Credit Alerts can let you know if there are certain changes made to your Credit File, this could be someone trying to apply for credit in your name.


— Protect you and your family —

Here’s a handy checklist that’s easy to follow to help protect yourself and your family from identity theft.