About Us

About us

As Asia Pacific's leading data intelligence and insights company Veda has been at the forefront of the information services industry for many decades. Veda is built on the largest, most comprehensive and current data source in Australia and New Zealand including information on over 16 million individuals, 1.9 million companies and 1.7 million business names – more than any other organisation in Australia.

The breadth and depth of our data, and the knowledge it delivers help customers take a proactive and informed approach in making decisions. Veda serves a diverse range of markets including large financial institutions, small to medium sized enterprises, and consumers.

We provide services in areas of Consumer and Commercial Credit Risk, Credit Analytics, Marketing and Data Solutions, Fraud and Electronic Verification, Automotive, Customer Location Services and Commercial and Property Solutions.

Veda holds information on people and companies that helps enable consumers to manage their credit profile as well as credit providers to make responsible lending decisions. If you have a credit card, phone contract, personal loan or mortgage, it’s likely you have a credit file held by a credit reporting agency such as Veda. We also provide scores – known as VedaScore. The information we have helps consumers know where they stand when it comes to credit and helps lenders make a decision on whether to accept or decline an individual for credit.