Based on the latest Veda research 4% of your customers are likely to be in external administration or will be de-registered. With over 20% of the average customer ledger containing inaccurate identity information for businesses, is it time to run a HealthCheck on your business?
HealthCheck uses Veda and third party data sources to help you identify data quality issues, maintain up-to-date identity information for the entities you have provided to Veda - and manage the credit risk of your customer portfolio.
Benefits to you

  • Reduce costs associated with inaccurate and unpaid invoices. Accurate invoice information will help ensure that you send the invoice to the right entity at the right address
  • Identify invalid registration of security interests. Registering your security interests against the correct entity will improve the likelihood of a successful claim of title
  • Improve the efficiency of data management activities such as audits, compliance checks and monitoring by accessing accurate information
  • Prioritise your portfolio risk as your customer base grows.

Alerts (Consumer)

Veda Individual Alerts allow you to proactively monitor changes on your customers’ credit files that could impact your business. Learn more