Rating Training

Veda provides customised training solutions to support client teams across a range of disciplines including credit analysis, financial viability, counterparty risk, verification audit, risk management, benchmarking and financial statement analysis. Training modules are specifically tailored for both the audience and context, and range in difficulty from introductory, intermediate, and advanced.
Veda’s training seminars are designed to achieve specified learning outcomes, and typically assist practitioners to:
  • Gain an understanding of the current environment and the impact on Australian business
  • Learn the early warning signs of corporate risks impacting financing, commercial and contracting arrangements
  • Discuss key macroeconomic, industry and management factors that impact risk appraisals
  • Obtain valuable insight into the process of identifying the underlying financial fundamentals
  • Hear how practitioners normalise the financial statements and assess sustainable cash flow
  • Practice with examples, sharpen analytical skills, and understand the limits of ratio analysis
  • Review the structural issues relating to trusts, partnerships and complex group arrangements
  • Acquire the necessary skill sets to formulate appropriate financial risk evaluation frameworks
  • Attain the process knowledge to conduct evidence-based analysis and apply verification audit
  • Understand the various options and mitigation strategies to reduce counterparty risk
  • Draw from an extensive knowledge base derived from monitoring corporate distress
  • Hear first-hand experiences and accounts of corporate default and actual case studies
As a leading provider of corporate credit ratings, project viability and counterparty risk analysis, Veda Corporate Ratings brings a wealth of knowledge, data and experience on the early warning signs of commercial and financial risk. Training seminars are typically designed to present the critical risk drivers, review relevant case studies, share lessons learned, and discuss mitigation strategies appropriate in the contemporary business environment. Course facilitators are subject matter experts, being highly qualified and experienced practitioners with professional accreditation.
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