In the past, manually checking a customer’s identity – or vetting potential employees – was slow, creating a cumbersome paper trail potentially exposing your business to fraud and a poor experience for your organisation's customers.

Improve customer experience through our complete identity verification services, IDMatrix and ZipID. When vetting new employees, Verify, makes it easy to know who you’re dealing with. If it’s organisational and company information that you’re after, our Company and Business Information services can help verify an entity to reduce your risk.

No matter what you require, we can help you verify customers, companies or job applicants – before bringing them on board.

Benefits to you

Veda Can help you to: 

  • Attract and on-board customers quickly
  • Reduce costs and your exposure to fraud
  • Create a superior online customer experience
  • Retain your reputation as a business that’s easy to deal with
  • Satisfy your compliance obligations
  • Know who you’re hiring, and eliminate employee fraud
I want to...Here's my solution...
Verify the identity of an individual who is opening a new accountIDMatrix
Meet business and compliance requirements Comply with AML/CTF regulation
Verify the details of a potential employeeVerify
Check PPSR detailsPPSR Services
Verify the details of a business or companyCompany and Business reports providing comprehensive ASIC services, Org ID